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Lancaster ISD Child Author, Jamarion Rainey: Rosa Parks Millbrook Elementary student publishes first book, plans second project

(Lancaster ISD) -  One year ago, a shy young man enrolled in Lancaster ISD Rosa Parks Millbrook Elementary struggling with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Jamarion Rainey sat in the back of the room with his hoodie over his head until one day his third-grade teacher Cameisha Borner entered the room looking for him.

Now Mrs. Borner and Rainey sit together around the table in the classroom reading Rainey’s new book ADHD and Me The Key.

“When I came to Rosa Parks I remember having trouble at my previous school and they didn’t treat me well,” Rainey said. “When I came to Rosa Parks, Mrs. Borner and other teachers made me feel like I was family.”

Borner said she still remembers that first day she met Jamarion. She walked into the room looking for a student which staff from another campus said was coming to Rosa Parks Millbrook.

“He was the cutest little boy trying to get his work done,” Borner said. “I remember he loved to read and we immediately bonded together and he began to trust me.”

Rainey’s book was inspired by issues he had with his prior school. Before coming to Lancaster ISD he says he was bullied by other students and made to feel bad about having ADHD when he attended a local charter school.

“I was always getting into trouble at my other school,” Rainey said. “I remember there was a girl who wouldn’t sit beside me because she said I was always getting into trouble.”

While Rainey said he was inspired to write his book by his family and friends, he mentioned the things that happened to him in second grade are why he wrote his book.

“I wanted to make my family happy with my book,” he said. “But I also wanted to let others know how it made me feel when classmates treated me the way they did.”

Lancaster Rosa Parks Millbrook second grade teacher Cheryl Scott remembers their conversations about ADHD.

“He told me he couldn’t sit down because he had ADHD,” Scott said. “I told him he could  control this himself.”

Scott remembers him as the boy who always asked her every day how she was doing before he left class. One thing he always did was share his stories about being made fun of at his former school.

“I told him our policy at Rosa Parks Millbrook was that we did not make fun of anyone because we are all one big family and everyone is here to learn,” Scott said. “From that point on he would do anything I asked him to do, and he would do it.”

Jamarion’s mother Kendra Rainey said she chose Lancaster ISD because she had heard great things about the district. Since coming to the district, she said he has better grades and has improved emotionally, physically and socially.

“This has been the best decision I made for my son,” Mrs. Rainey said. “The teachers at Lancaster ISD Rosa Parks Millbrook Elementary all sit down and take the time to work one on one with Jamarion which is something he didn’t have at his previous district.”

Jamarion’s book has topped Amazon Kids Books Best Seller Charts above even Harry Potter since it was released. Mrs. Rainey said the process has taken quite some work but they are very proud of the book.

“I remember Jamarion ask me if there were other students at his school that were going through what he went through,” Mrs. Rainey said. “I told him yes and he said he wanted to write a book to help bring awareness to what happened to him at his other school.”

Jamarion said his love for books and his experience In Lancaster ISD has been a help to him writing his book.

“I was happy to be here at Rosa Parks Millbrook when I arrived,” Jamarion said. “All my teachers here were nice to me and they were not mean to me like my other school.”

Jamarion is now working on his second book which will detail why bullying is not a good thing. The book titled “No Bullying Zone” will be released very soon on Amazon and in hard copy as well. Jamarion’s book can be purchased on his Amazon page at